Donald Alfano, Pianist and Teacher


Donald Alfano has presented solo piano recitals, collaborative recitals and lecture-recitals in the US and abroad. These are designed specifically with a particular audience in mind, and often include a brief commentary highlighting features of the repertoire, making the experience more informative and enjoyable.  Solo recitals can range from a typical solo recital offering works from various historical periods to “theme-recitals” such as entire programs devoted to Spanish and Latin American composers, Viennese Classical Composers, nineteenth-century  composers, and  recitals devoted to only one composer, for example, on a composer’s anniversary year.

"Donald Alfano’s piano playing was beautifully complementary  to the Jon Poupore’s  fine interpretation of the work." - Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom, Classical Voices of New England (on Schumann’s Violin Sonata in A minor, Op. 105) 

 "One rarely hears such a mature and refined conception of a Beethoven Sonata." - Vitya Vronsky Babin  
(on Donald Alfano’s performance of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Op. 10 # 3 in D major)

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