Donald Alfano, Pianist and Teacher


"Dr. Donald Alfano is thoroughly knowledgeable in the area of Piano Pedagogy and Piano Literature. Four of  his outstanding articles are cited in my book, Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire."

- Maurice Hinson

  1. Enrique Granados: Celebrating 150 Years. The Teaching of Enrique Granados ( ClavierCompanion, July/August 2017)
  2. Learning Bach's Short PreludesA Sequential Approach 
    (ClavierCompanion, Jan/Feb 2014)
  3. Teaching Pioneers: Abby Whiteside and Tobias Matthay.
    (Clavier, Dec. 2006)
  4. In Memoriam:  Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, German Soprano 
    (unpublished article)

  5. In Memoriam:  Constance Keene,
    Pianist Trained in the Romantic Tradition
    (unpublished article)
  6. Pupil Saver's: Manhattan Mood 
    (Clavier, Nov. 2004)
  7. L'arte di Landowska 
    (ETPA/Italy, Sept. 1995)
  8. An Interpretive Analysis Of Mozart Sonata No 6 
    (Clavier, Dec. 1995)
  9. Chopin ImpromptusTwo Levels of Improvisation. 
    (Piano Journal, Feb. 1992)

  10. Three Mozart Sonatas In F 
    (Clavier, December, 1991)
  11. Landowska And Mozart 
    (Clavier, October, 1991)
  12. Remembering Wanda Landowska 
    (Music & Musicians International, March 1989)

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